Grading and Drainage


Grading design includes profiles and sections for roadway and utility alignments, mass grading, establishment of building pads and sculpting of landforms.  Our work typically includes generation of design contours and estimation of earthwork quantities.  Drainage design is usually paired with grading because of the direct relationship between the two.  The grading design facilitates the collection points for storm runoff and the design of the drainage system is the natural "next step" in the site design process.  TEC can design any level of drainage collection and conveyance system, develop profiles and analyze conveyance capacities. 


Urban site grading often presents the challenge of coordinating the existing sloping grades of the public roadways and walkways along the frontage with the flat floor grades required for thge building.  TEC is very proud of the site design provided for the Asian Counseling and Resource Services (ACRS) facility along Martin Luther King Way in Seattle, Washington.  Pictured here is the site construction grading along the MLK Way boulevard frontage section which includes one of Seattle's light rail lines.

The Northwest University Regional Detention project required rescuplting of the historic college campus green into a multi-purpose facility, retaining and improving on the characteristics of the "college green" and combining with the function of regional storm flow attenuation.  The photo below is during construction and to the right, after completion - ready for students.




The 40-acre Cromwell Plateau Plat site east of Monroe, WA included extensive grading to accommodate the infiltration beds that were designed for on-site discharge of 100% of the storm runoff from the site into the underlying permeable soils.  This picture shows construction grading for one of three biofiltration/infiltration facilities, each approximately 400 feet long.







This photo is the same  perspective of the ACRS frontage after the finish grading and landscaping is complete. 








The Colman School site, home of the Seattle African American Museum and Mixed-Use Condominium Building, had to be carefully graded to accommodate new parking and access to the historic building.  Shown on the right is the slope from the south parking lot down to the 23rd Avenue South roadway.